Why Shelley Design

At Shelley Design, we create unique brand identities that work by following a systematic, track proven process. First we conduct research to determine how your brand is perceived and how well you communicate your mission and vision. We review your business goals and objectives, explore the personality of your organization and quantify how well you stand out against your competition.

Through individual interviews or from focus groups and questionnaires, we identify your values and core identity. Based upon this research we select the right visual cues to develop a brand mark that best defines your organization, one that invokes emotion, creates a memory and triggers a response. We then apply your mark to all stationery and print material, packaging, advertising, trade show exhibits, signage, and the web.

The end result is a coordinated, integrated brand identity program, yours to grow and to promote.


We utilize a team of associates – photographers, public relations, writers, illustrators and web developers, all seasoned professionals whom we have worked with over the years. We bring their special talents into each project if and when they are required to help fulfill the special needs of our clients.